A Blunder You Can Avoid With Your Server

This is a crucial topic to discuss so that you are saved from making the biggest blunder of your life! To explain it in detail, let me discuss a case study. I am sure you’ll find it interesting.

I recently had a doctor-client who had to face the consequences of not having this information earlier. He had some major database issues with his practice management software that resulted in hours on the phone. Things were running slow on a couple of computers in the practice and the doctor was frustrated. This was when he decided to hit the power button on the server to reboot it. And that’s the blunder he did!

Never… Never ever do an abrupt shutdown of your server, especially when your practice management or imaging software is running. That should be the last thing on your mind! In fact, it is so critical that even the Battery backups (UPS-uninterrupted power supply) are put into place to avoid this happening due to accidental power failure.

Abrupt shutdown of your server causes major issues that can only be resolved by the software manufacturer. So, if the software is running slow, first reboot the computer. If even rebooting doesn’t work, only when you are not seeing patients at that time, slowly turn off all programs on the server and reboot. Or better yet, contact your tech provider and let the experts deal with it.

And yes, don’t forget to keep your batter backup updated. Battery backups (UPS) usually have a lifespan of 2-3 years. So, if your battery backup is there for a while, do get it replaced in time before it is too late.