Online Security & HIPAA Compliant

We offer you the best protection possible, protecting your practice from online threats.


Online Security & HIPAA
Compliant Expert

With Legend Networking in charge of security,
you can relax knowing your practice is protected 24/7.

Our proactive security threat monitoring helps us discover threats in your system and address them before they become issues to ensure secure workflows and keep your dental practice HIPAA compliant from a managed security perspective. We Ensure Your Practice is HIPAA Compliant.

When you sign up for HIPAA Audits, you get:

Onsite analysis of your existing policies, procedures, and systems

A detailed report of our findings

An easy to implement plan to ensure your compliance

We Secure Your Practice Against all Online Threats

Fast, efficient IT is a necessary tool for running a successful business. But any company with an online presence is at risk of security breaches. If you’re not adequately protected, you are leaving your business vulnerable to attacks. including spam, phishing, viruses, malicious hackers and malware. Viruses, malware and spyware, malicious hackers, phishing, and spam all pose a threat to your practice, so get the best protection possible. Legend Networking provides web security solutions that keep you safe from harm, while ensuring your email is working to benefit your practice.

Even minor IT problems can have a major impact on small to mid-sized businesses.

Our solutions can save
you thousands.