Legend Networking ensures your office keeps up to date with a compliance policy.


Compliance Expert

Are you concerned about your upcoming HIPAA compliance audit?

And how about your next PCI scan, which assesses your office’s ability to safeguard patient credit card information? Or perhaps you weren’t even aware that these are your responsibilities, and can face tremendous fines and fiscal repercussions for failing to uphold the standards set forth?
Fortunately, Legend Networking is well-versed in all aspects of compliance policy as it pertains to you and your practice. We take the hassle out of constantly monitoring and keeping your office up to date by installing and managing systems to keep your sensitive information safe.

Advanced Email Threat Protection

Security awareness training seminars and
phishing campaigns.

Multi-factor authentication for your users

Fill out the annual questionnaires for compliance organizations

Even minor IT problems can have a major impact on small to mid-sized businesses.

Our solutions can save
you thousands.