Choosing the right Dental IT Company

Location, Location, Location

Finding a company that is located close to you, means you’ll get faster service if an onsite support issue arises. This should be at the top of your list because one of the most common requests we receive is for onsite support. If you choose an IT support company that isn’t geographically near you, they may have to find a third-party vendor to help with onsite support issues. That could take days depending on their availability, costing your company even more than expected.

Experience Is Knowledge

The technology that your business uses will vary depending on the industry. It is wise to choose a provider that knows about your particular industry technologies and has worked with them before. The best way to determine this is to find out if they service any other company in your industry, or if they are certified for particular industry technologies. This will ensure that they will be comfortable handling any problem that you might have.

Compatibility Is Key

Along with the technologies that your businesses utilize, it is important to consider the operating system and any software or application that are critical to your business’s function. You want to seek out an IT company that has experience working with these systems, as it will be important for them to understand and provide you with the best possible support. If the company you’re leaning towards can’t support your infrastructure, you won’t get the support you need. Make sure that you know what you need when it comes to IT support.

There is sometimes confusion between understanding the differences between software development professionals and outsourced IT experts. These are two different fields and should be utilized in different ways. Your IT support should be familiar with your applications and software, but they aren’t there to modify your company software. In turn, you shouldn’t be asking your development teams to manage and run your IT. Having this separation can allow for better functionality overall.

Responsive & Reliable

When you experience problems with technology, you want the most reliable service, however, you also want things to get fixed as soon as possible because time is money! So how do you make sure that the company you choose will be providing fast reliable and effective services? Ask questions!

How fast do you typically respond to issues?

How quickly are issues resolved?

How long will it take if you need onsite support?

These are all good places to start, as they will be good indicators of how responsive they are. It is also a good idea to check their customer reviews. Read about what real customers have to say about the company, and if they were satisfied with the services and support.

Also, inquire about their service level agreement, consider if their quality, availability, and responsibilities meet your needs. You want to know that they can provide you with solid evidence of their response times and service quality.

Can They Handle You

The size of your business is a determining factor when deciding which IT Service Company is right for your business. Being in business means knowing that some years you grow, while others are lean. It is good to know if your provider will be able to work with your yearly needs, especially if your industry is in flux. It can be helpful to take a look at your future forecasted growth, to determine if an IT service company will be able to handle the demand made by your business for years to come. The best way to determine this is to find out the size of the company, and also inquire about the number of engineers they have on staff, and ask about their support processes.

They Have Connections

Make sure that the dental IT company you want to work with is reputable. This can be done by checking to see what other reputable companies they are partnered with. Typical creditable IT company partnerships include major manufacturers like Microsoft, Dell, and HP. It is also a good idea to check to see if their staff hold certifications of their own. Don’t be afraid to ask for a list of their current partnerships and certifications.

With all these points in mind, a good reminder is to seek out an IT support company that is not only reactive but also proactive. The focus should be on a company that works just as hard to prevent problems as they do fixing them. We always tell clients that a quality IT company will take the time to answer any questions about their services, so don’t be afraid to ask. In the end, finding a company that meets all your needs and is willing to take the time to get to know your company, is the main goal. Hopefully using these tips will help narrow down the search.