Technical innovations have been a part of the global platform for a long time. Every sector is always on the lookout for coming up with new technologically advanced solutions to make progress. Dentistry is also one of the sectors that have been thinking about a futuristic living. Therefore, more modern trends are coming up that will make it beneficial even for those individuals who don’t really like going to the dentist! This is because if the dentists use better technology, the people will no longer be scared of visiting a dentist to get their dental treatment.

There are quite a few excellent technological advancements that have been done in dentistry already. For example, there are apps to keep your oral health in check and other such things. In this blog, you can explore a few of the most significant innovations in the world of dentistry.

Robot assistance

It was in the year 2017 in China when a robot successfully performed dental surgery. The robot performed the installation of dental implants in the mouth of the patient. There was an experienced team that supervised the surgery to ensure that it was being performed properly. These kinds of tools would add significant benefit to the dentistry sector, as there were precision and places where there are lesser trained doctors would also have sufficient dental practitioners. Slowly, there can be advanced robots that can assist with other functions like cleaning and assist the human dentists.

Regrowth of teeth

In cases of teeth getting damaged, there are chances that some patients might need to replace either parts or their teeth entirely. The general treatment employed by the dentists is that they fill holes to complete the parts of the teeth that are missing.

With technology, it is actually possible to make use of stimulating drugs that can check the stem cells that are present deep within the pulp of the patient’s teeth. This is because the deeper parts are filled with blood vessels and nerves. Also, the production of ‘dentin’ takes place here. Thus, with technology, this bony tissue, dentin, can be regrown to remove tooth decay as well.

This would be a better and much more permanent solution as the filling of the holes won’t fall out. Moreover, it would be a natural extension to the hollow parts of the teeth. There would be no need for any external adhesive to hold the filling to the teeth.

Ultrasound technology

The presence of ultrasound technology has been quite extensive in the medical field in general. In dentistry, too, the application of this technology can be significant. In dental procedures, this technology can be used for imaging purposes without involving any radiations. Also, much more detailed and three-dimensional images of the teeth, as well as jaw, can be obtained using ultrasound technology.

Continuous liquid interface production

One of the greatest technological advancements in recent times has been the growth of 3D printing in various sectors. There can be much more that can be done using 3D printing as the base technology. One of these technologies is continuous liquid interface production. This technology is much faster, around a hundred times faster than 3D printing.

It can be extensively used to create dentures. As of now, it has brought significant progress by assisting in wax-ups, model-making, etc. There is more room for advancements in the currently existing scenario with the help of continuous liquid interface production.

Machine learning assisting in automated scheduling

Dentistry is not just about performing dental implants or other surgeries. There are other essential things, too, that require proper care and management. For instance, handling the records, appointments, medical history, etc., of the patients at the clinic is also crucial. There are plenty of front desk procedures, too, in which technological advancements can be of great use. Handling of appointments, scheduling the visits of patients, managing cancellations, etc. can be automated with the help of machine learning. With proper software and skillset, these tasks can be handled much more conveniently.

Over the years, a lot has been done in dentistry, and yet, there is room for more. Technological advancements in the field of dentistry can assist in much better practices that can take the field forward. There is much dental management software already available in the market that helps in the effective management of the processes at a dental clinic. There are other innovations too that are making the dentistry sector better and more effective with each passing day.