The Best Dental IT Companies for 2024: A Comprehensive Review

The Best Dental IT Companies for 2024: A Comprehensive Review

Searching for top-tier Dental IT support? Here’s our curated list of the ‘Best Dental IT Companies’ for 2024, detailing offerings, coverage, reliability, and competitive pricing.

The Significance of Dental IT Support

A Dental IT Support Company, more widely known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), plays an indispensable role in modern dental practices, whether it’s a large Dental Service Organization (DSO) or a niche specialty group. Their primary duty? Providing essential IT services, overseeing cybersecurity measures, and ensuring practices remain HIPAA compliant.

Moreover, these MSPs assist in transitioning or setting up new practices, crafting Dental Startup strategies, and supplying crucial hardware like workstations and servers. When seeking an MSP, it’s vital to select one familiar with the dental industry’s nuances to prevent undue hassles.

With an increasing number of dental practices turning to IT outsourcing, the advantages are evident. Streamlined IT costs, reduced technological challenges, and space savings are just a few benefits. Yet, pinpointing the right provider remains a challenge. This guide aims to simplify the decision-making process for dental practitioners.


1: Legend Networking: The Dental IT Pioneers

Since 2004, Legend Networking has been a dominant force in dental IT, boasting a solid track record of over 19 years. Founded by Ian Lynch, the company quickly set its sights on becoming a leader in IT solutions in the dental community. With 85 dedicated staff members, Legend Networking ensures swift response times, unparalleled dental tech knowledge, and top-tier project management.

Their collaboration with Open Dental provides both solo dental clinics and expansive DSOs with a sleek technology experience. Legend Networking’s commitment is clear: minimize downtime, surpass HIPAA standards, and empower practices with technology for efficiency and profit. You can schedule a meeting directly on this calendar for a free assessment. 

Coverage:     Nationwide – All 50 States

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Pricing: Starting at $399/mo and up based on office size and support needed

Website: Legend Networking


2: Dental PC

With its headquarters nestled in the vibrant Orlando area, Dental PC brings to the table a solid 25 years of tech experience. With a 15-strong team, they might not be exclusive to dental IT but have a commendable clientele in the industry. Established in 1995, they’re driven to make sure businesses truly benefit from their tech investments.

Coverage Area: Georgia and Florida.

Pricing: Starts at $999/month, tailored based on office size and support essentials.

Website: Dental PC


3: Surf CT

Based in Connecticut, SurfCT broadens its reach by servicing a range of industries from dental to “Med Spa” businesses. With a sizable staff of 50, they stand as the luxury pick in the MSP space, promising top-tier IT solutions.

Coverage Area: Predominantly the New York area.

Pricing: While specifics are kept under wraps, it’s known they stand as a premier choice in Dental-IT pricing.

Website: Surf CT


4: Pact-One

Hailing from sunny California and serving since 2003, Pact-One got a new lease of life when acquired by Executech in 2020. With a squad larger than 50, they continue to support dental practices across a handful of states, offering comprehensive IT solutions.

Coverage Area: Spanning Nevada, Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona.

Pricing: Packages commence at $800/month, with annual variations depending on size and support.

Website: Pact-One


5: Medix Dental

Positioned in the Quad Cities, Medix Dental proudly sports 20 years of dedicated service to the dental community. Backed by over 50 professionals, they are ace in technology integration, customer service, and IT assistance. A word of note: startups might need to look elsewhere.

Coverage Area: Coast to coast in the U.S. and extending to Canada; primary offices are in Denver, CO, and Iowa.

Pricing: Begins at $699/month, annual plans depend on office requirements and size.

Website: Medix Dental


6: Computer One

Situated in Louisiana, Computer One, or C1, extends its services to various small-scale businesses, dental practices included. They present a broad spectrum of tech solutions, ensuring businesses are always in the safe zone.

Coverage Area: Primarily the Louisiana zone.

Pricing: Plans kick off at $499/month, adjusted according to support and office dimensions.

Website: Computer One


7: Digital Dental Solutions

Sacramento-based Digital Dental Solutions (DDS) has been on the map since 2005, providing for dental, orthodontic, and oral surgery practices. With a singular focus on Premier Managed Service, client satisfaction is top-tier. The hands-on approach of owner Matt Kroff is the cherry on top.

Coverage Area: Majorly Northern California.

Pricing: Starts at $999/mo, varying with office requirements and size.

Website: Digital Dental Solutions


8: Nova Computer Solutions

Located in Northern Virginia, Nova Computer Solutions extends its IT prowess to various sectors, including dental, medical, and law. Their specialty lies in offering adjustable plans, giving clients the power of choice.

Coverage Area: Primarily Northern Virginia.

Pricing: Flexible, based on chosen plans.

Website: Nova Computer Solutions


9: Advantage Technologies

Holding the fort in the Chicago arena, Advantage Technologies towers with a force of over 100. Their clientele spans dental offices and beyond, with a lean towards general IT. A couple of quirks: no live dispatchers, and they lease core equipment.

Coverage Area: Encompassing Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Florida.

Pricing: Begins at $1299/month, adjusted by support level and office size.

Website: Advantage Technologies


10:Dental IT Corporation

Dental IT Corporation is recognized as a leading provider of business technology services in the Greater Toronto Area, with a commitment to understanding and fulfilling the specific needs of their clients through cost-effective and advanced technology solutions.

Coverage Area: Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario

Pricing: Customized monthly plans adjusted by support level and office size.

Website: Dental IT Corporation


Honorable Mention: Darkhorse Tech 

Established in 2012, Darkhorse Tech has swiftly made its mark. Boasting a team of over 20 dental IT experts, they masterfully deliver rapid support, assistance with HIPAA compliance, and continual service solutions.

Coverage Area: New York, Charlotte, and Philadelphia.

Pricing: Customized monthly plan starts at $599. 

Website: Darkhorse Tech