Owning a dental service is a crucial task and involves several different aspects that one has to look into. One of the vital aspects is to have the right management software to make the tasks at the dental clinic more organized. If you are wondering which dental management software is the best one, keep reading! In this article, you will learn about the best dental software available for you to choose from. The right integrated dental software automates and accelerates various activities such as:

  • Dental appointments
  • Charting, Insurance
  • Imaging
  • Billing, and more.

It enables to provide quality treatment and increase the overall revenue too.

Popular software to help you out

Multiple software providers are assisting the dental industry for years. Given below are a few popular and highly reliable dental software discussed to help you understand the benefits of each:

#1 Dentrix

Dentrix provides one of the world’s leading management software. Its main aim is to empower the dental offices to do more along with the software installed on personal computers. Acquired by Henry Schein in 1997, the Dentrix Dental System was founded in 1985. It is the first practice management System for Windows in 1989.

Its vision lied in eliminating the usage of paper desks in offices and developing the necessary tools. These tools could increase productivity and efficiency in the software.

Dentrix offers a wide array of front office features. These incorporate:

  • Password Security
  • Payment agreements
  • Task scheduler
  • Claim validation
  • Communication Manager with patients
  • Payment process
  • Storage and retrieval of patient documents

The pros of the software tool are the high rate of investment in research and development. This allows the company to be abreast of the industry’s technological curves. The tool provides solutions for the better and smooth functioning of the business.

#2 Open Dental Software

Introduced as a dental practice management software solution for all dental related practices of all sizes, Open Dental Software is stable and speedy. This is because of its web-based built-in features. It increases the efficiency and productivity of better patient experience.

The benefits of the software are aplenty! Starting from the ability to send reminder messages and emails to patients and also confirming and canceling appointments through electronic modes, it provides great functionalities. It helps in saving money, time, and stress as it provides its patients with all their necessary information and records. Graphical reporting, e-prescribing, dental charts, are just a few of the many benefits it provides.

Its main features include:

  • Online scheduling
  • Dental charts
  • Patient portals
  • Mobile app functionality, etc.

#3 CS Soft Dent

It is a sturdy dental practice management software that eliminates the burden of administrative effects on the dentists and their staff. CS Soft Dent is a complete package that automates the administrative process and tasks in the dental offices. These are the tasks that are handled by solo practitioners or multiple dental care professionals. The most significant features of this dental management software are:

  • Electronic recordkeeping
  • Integrations
  • Team communications
  • Pharmacy tracking
  • Goal tracking
  • Prescription printing
  • Financial reports
  • Lab work alerts, etc.

The pros of the software lie in consolidating the information to a centralized place, scheduling tasks on the dashboard, and provide streamline communication. The software also helps in proper coordination and effective engagement, along with accurate document management. However, the cons lie in weak internet connections that will lead to the lesser performance of the software, and no third-party access can be given.

#4 Eagle Soft

Eagle Soft is a dental office practice management tool that was introduced by Patterson Dental, Inc. It comes along with an intuitive interface, that allows the dental practitioners to streamline their work daily. The system software is certified for Meaningful Use and Once-ATB.

The software also offers a seamless integration among clinical and practice functionality. It offers a wide range of tools and features that help in:

  • Maintenance of patient records
  • Accounting
  • Digital imaging
  • Patient communication
  • Scheduling
  • Treatment planning, etc.

The pros of this popular dental management software lie in its robust scheduling module, treatment planning module, and patient record module.

The cons would include no custom-reporting facility that hinders effective reporting. Hence, enabling better report technologies and developing today’s standard tools increase the capability of the product functioning.

#5 Win OMS

Carestream Dental designed the Win OMS software to support the individual needs of oral and maxillofacial surgery practices. The streamlined OMS Specific boosts productivity and increases efficiency.

Its main features include:

  • Case documentation
  • Medical history
  • Treatment planning
  • Maintaining records, etc.

The pros of the product lie in better patient communication and increased security service provider. The software helps protect the necessary and essential data and financial reports through user passwords to control access to information.

The fingerprint system requires the users and the team to log in for access. It allows us to connect form anytime and anywhere and reduces the IT headache.

#6 Cloud 9

Clou9 Software is another effective dental practice management software. It is a system for orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, DSOs, and group practices. Its advanced multitasking and streamlined tab structure capabilities make it unconventional from the rest. The software can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a browser-based interface.

The website provides an up-to-date facility for providing personal demo services to its customers. To date, it has received 1,700 installations for multi-location practices. Cloud 9 Ortho, Cloud 9 Pedo, and Cloud 9 Ceph are its three major products that are highly appreciated in the industry for their robust use.

Their journey began in 2009 with a unique vision, creativity, and brainpower. It is highly reliable software with better cost-effectiveness due to its cloud data back-up facility. Its biggest benefit is that it is seen in multi-locations. Also, it eliminates the need for an expensive VPN. The Internet speed, however, is its largest concern.

To conclude, a dental software must provide the best user-friendly services with effective-in-class support. It should be integrated with simple, yet powerful management software along with a medley of services at the dental offices to reduce the issues between the staff and dentists, to support their work. Therefore, choose one of the popular dental management software to handle your dental service’s tasks properly and enhance your revenue with effective management.